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What's in a Name?

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So you started your own business. You decided on the right business structure, registered your company with the state and got a tax ID number.  You purchased business insurance. You spent time, maybe hours, days or weeks, thinking up a name for your company, you even asked friends and family what they thought of the name. You then created and printed business cards….everything is on track, right? But wait…. you may have just made a big marketing mistake.

Is the email address you have printed on your business cards one of the free email services like AOL, Outlook.comsbcglobal.netComcast.netgmail.comATT.net etc.. You may be thinking “so what, it still works!” but…. your email address reflects your business, making your business look less legitimate.  Domain names are not just for websites they are also your company’s email address! The cost of a domain name is approximately $25.00, which is cheaper than the cost to file your corporate identity, business insurance and even the cost of printing business cards. 

 I asked several business owners: “Why did you create a company email address with a FREE service?” The answers that I got back really surprised not only myself but a marketing partner.

  1. It was free
  2. My Company Name is TOO long
  3. My Company Name does not make a good email address
  4. I don’t have a website

My responses to each of these answers is:

  1. Free is not always good and can hurt your business
  2. Abbreviate your company name (use initials)
  3. If you company name does not make a good email address – does it make a good company name?
  4. No website, hum, that is another topic for another day 

Many business owners asked “what is the problem with the FREE services”

1. Your contact list associated with the FREE email service, can and will be hacked. Do you really want your clients will receive an email from asking them to send you money because you were robbed while on vacation in the Philippines? What do you think your customer would think when they see an email from you with this subject?

 2. FREE email service address does not distinguish your company.

 3. Since it looks unprofessional, customers may question how long you will be in business or ask if this is a fly by night operation.

Getting a domain name for your business is easy! And setting up an email address with a domain name is easy too! So give us a call today and let us help you to take this small and simple step in the care and feeding of your business!


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