T. G. Consultants partners with your business, becoming your "LOCALLY SOURCED" IT DEPARTMENT!

In May of 2010 T.G. Consultants was born.  Many questioned why I would start a business in the middle of the worst recession known to the United States, my answer was if not then never.  According to authors Michael Hais and Morley Winograd, "the small businesses and the entrepreneurial spirit that Gen Xers embody have become one of the most popular institutions in America. There's been a recent shift in consumer behavior and Gen Xers have created the “idealist generation” in encouraging the celebration of individual effort and business risk-taking. As a result, Xers have sparked a renaissance of entrepreneurship in economic life, even as overall confidence in economic institutions declines. Customers, and their needs and wants have become the North Star for an entire new generation of entrepreneurs". Cool Right! The entrepreneurial spirit, the ability to go forth and grow, that is what the founding fathers of this great country wanted. It is now my turn to grab at the brass ring. 

 I am Trish Glees and have been in the IT field for more than 22 years, starting as a break/fix technician and working my way up the corporate ladder. I am the President and Owner of T.G. Consultants - Professional IT Solutions.

Our individualized solutions set T.G. Consultants apart from our  competitors. We are a 100% woman, locally owned small business, meaning we understand the demands of running a successful business. My corporate experience has made me an extremely knowledgeable and experienced IT Professional.  I have learned the value of ROI and the importance of customer service.

T.G. Consultants carries full business insurance. Certificates are available upon request.

T.G. Consultants provides IT Solutions for both commercial and residential clients.